I have been photographing the New York Citystreets since 2009. I implement primarily HDR processing, a digital technique for balancing lighting in a high contrast scene through several exposures.

I started this series when while shooting a bracket of exposures for a scene, a lone individual would sometimes walk into my frame, pause, and do something. Read a document, text, tie shoelaces, talkn the phone and other things city people do on the streets. That lone individual then becomes a picture of calm within the storm so to speak and part of the cityscape where everyone and everything that moves — people, cars, buses, taxis — is blurred to near invisibility. The photos you see here are mostly a result of such type of accident, namely, I am shooting a scene when someone walks into my frame.

I am hoping that through the photos you find here you will experience a unique encounter of New York City.

-Virgelio Carpio
  February 24, 2012


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