Find my “Solitude” series here. Visit often as I update it every week.

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Show in New York City

Sorry I have not been able to update my WordPress bog but there is still one week to see my exhibit, “Solitude in New York City”, at the Philippine Center on 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.

Video of opening night courtesy of GoodNewsPlanet.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zir8a2NCmE0

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Solitude Exhibit in Mountaindale, NY

I will be having an exhibit of my “Solitude in New York City” series at Uccelli Restaurant in Mountaindale, NY. Address is:

4 Post Hill Rd
Mountaindale, NY 12763
Phone: (845) 434-4447

Opening reception is on April 7, 2012 at 2-4 p.m.

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Solitude in New York City

Who says zen isn’t possible in the streets of New York?

Hustle and bustle. Granted, the term may have been coined with something like New York City in mind and would no doubt induce sights of yellowcabs and jumbotrons, smells of diesel and souvlaki, and sounds of horns blaring and conversation, but as these photos would attest calm can emanate from within.

Whether forced or self-induced, innate or acquired, gradual or sudden, you count on your inner calm to be your very own oasis in this throbbing, pulsating, and phantasmagorically convulsing maelstrom that is New York City.

Alone in a faraway land lost in the pages of a book.




Hearing every word.
Hearing every word


Time and space.
Time and space



The doctor is in…
The doctor is in...

…but the patient is not. (Just kidding.)
...but the patient is not. (Just kidding.)

Word on the Street.
Word on the street

Sleepless in New York.
Sleepless in New York

Sharing secrets.
Sharing secrets

To order prints, contact Virgelio Carpio.

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